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Co-Packing Services

355ML – 473ML | Regular, Slim & Tallboy

About High Spirits

High Spirits Co-Packing operates out of our Waterloo, Ontario manufacturing and distillery facility to offer exceptional quality canned beverages. We provide tailored solutions for essential beverage production services, including blending, canning, storage, and shipping. Our team also services brand, product, and recipe development through our established network of industry partners.

Co-Packing Capabilities

Efficient, Flexible Batch Accommodations

Our Cask in-line filler is perfectly suited for efficient operation and capable of accommodating large to small batch sizes. High Spirits can accommodate 355mL sleek cans, 355mL stub cans, and 473mL tall cans in 20 to 40hL batch sizes, with the ability for versatile blending of wet and dry ingredients.

diagaram showing regular, slim, and tallboy can sizes

Shrink Tunnel Tray Sealer

Cans are packaged in shrink-wrapped flats for shipping and palletizing, while ensuring product integrity during transport.

Shrink wrapped cans in a pallet

PakTech Can Carriers

Customers are also offered PakTech can carriers — package 4 to 6 cans per carrier made of 100% post-consumer material. Fully recyclable and safe for aquatic life.

Paktek Can Carriers

Quality Control

High Spirits’ quality assurance processes ensure your products are consistent and reliable.

Condensation and Moisture Control

Our Lagrotta can warmer reduces condensation on cans, which in turn reduces quality issues on corrugate trays due to moisture buildup and preserves cardboard integrity.

Fill Level Inspection

We utilize a state-of-the-art FILTEC unit to detect low-filled cans and ensure consistent fill levels, while rejecting all cans from the line that don’t meet appropriate volumes. This high-speed fill level inspection system is one of the most reliable systems used in the industry.

Oxygen and Carbonation Levels

Our facility features both Anton Paar OxyQC and CarboQC measurement units. These units allow for carbonation level and dissolved oxygen testing, before and after product packaging.

The High Spirits warehouse storage with cans lining shelves on the walls


We offer our co-pack partners over 10,000 square feet of bonded warehouse space available to store finished goods, raw materials, and primary and secondary packaging materials.

Limes, grapefruits, oranges, and mint leaves, sliced on a plate

Recipe Development & Innovation

Need help developing recipes? Work with our team to create the right recipe to fit your needs and develop them on our Cask micro canning system. It’s the perfect solution for customers requiring small R&D production canning of 15 to 60 litres.

Three high spirits cansThree cans of High Spirits

Our Promise

High Spirits is dedicated to the manufacturing of the highest quality canned beverages while providing excellent customer service. Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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Let's work together

Whether you are starting with an idea or have a well-established brand, High Spirits offers our customers assistance with brand, product and recipe development, procurement, blending, canning and shipping requirements through our established network of industry partners.

Our customers are the lifeline of our business; and their satisfaction is paramount.

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